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Pilot on local perspectives in Burkina Faso

The NWB Fund carried out a pilot project that give local partners the opportunity to share their personal stories and water related challenges from a local perspective. The pilot in Burkina Faso consists of 6 short movies in which each of the Agences de l'Eau and the communities share their challenges.

Burkina Faso is a landlocked and low-income country in West Africa. All rivers originate within the country’s borders. Therefore, proper integrated water resources management is crucial.

Burkina Faso is working to decentralize its water resources management. In 2011, the first Agence de l’Eau (regional water authority) was formally created. Another 4 followed in the years after. The five Agences de l’Eau are responsible for the implementation of integrated water resources management in Burkina Faso. Doing so, the Agences de l’Eau (AE) are making sure the water resources are equitably distributed amongst the water users.

The aim of this partnership is to support these young but ambitious organizations in their way to becoming professional and skilled water authorities. The 'Faso Koom' programme was initiated in 2016 with funding from the NWB Fund. In 2019 the Faso Koom programme was continued as part of the Blue Deal programme.

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